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Enjoy video reviews and reviews of Mon Chéri Cattery submitted by our customers.

Mon Cheri Cattery Customer Review from Sally D., Iowa

Transcription: “Hi! My name is Sally and I’d like to take a second and tell you about my buying experience with Mon Chéri Cattery. This crazy guy here is Marvin. Marvin just turned one today! Are you going to say hi? Well even if he doesn’t talk. I am going to be the one that tells you how amazing he is. The experience with Nancy at Mon Chéri was nothing less than amazing. From start to finish, she answered my questions, she responded whenever I needed to talk, and she made the process so simple. It was easy to pick up a cat in Florida when we live in Iowa. Nancy met us at the airport and Marvin came home with me. Who would have known that it could have been that simple. And then to end up with such a beautiful, amazing kitten. He is so full of love and affection. He is playful, spirited and he purrs like no other. Nancy is right, the proof is in the pedigree. I wouldn’t buy a kitten anywhere else.”

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Mon Cheri Sweetheart Review

“Hi… We got “Sweetheart” a couple of weeks ago and can’t be happier with her. She is the most beautiful, sweet loving kitten and she fits perfect with our lil family. She already best friends with her big brother Smokey and her big sister Stormi the Pom. Thank you Nancy for choosing me as her mommy. She gonna be spoiled rotten”
– Erica M, Read this review live on our Mon Chéri Facebook mentions
See the video below that Erica M. submitted of Sweetheart in her new home.
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Mon Cheri Figgy Review

“Well I am head over heels in love! After a little bit of midnight playtime, all of the kids were sound asleep and my mommy instincts kicked in! I snuggled little Figgy to my chest and he nuzzled into my neck and began purring. I laid with him in my bed and he proceeded to snuggle for the rest of the night!!! He wanted to be with people without a doubt! He woke up frisky and ready to go! The girls are having so much fun with this little ball of cuteness. He even went to the litter box mid playtime to use the potty! I’m so impressed with this little guy! Such a sweetheart! Thank you!” – Amy W., Orlando, FL
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