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How to Buy in 3 Easy Steps

#1 Email Us  

Our Vet loves Mon Chéri Kittens!
 Our Vet loves Mon Chéri kittens! Taking kittens for a Health Certificate before delivery.

In order to buy a Mon Chéri Exotic Shorthair kitten or Persian kitten, please email us at to verify availability of currently advertised kittens, inquire about delivery or pickup options* or to ask questions. If we do not have the kitten you are looking for, you may join our notification list and you will be notified when we have more kittens. 

Kittens are given priority to people who have made a deposit. A $300 non-refundable deposit is required if you want to secure the next available kitten. When placing a deposit, please include the color of kitten desired, male or female, exotic shorthair or Persian, and any other details to make sure you are matched with the purrrfect kitten. In addition, please include: Your full name, address and phone. Also if there are children and pets in the household, or anything else you think will help us know you better. We would also love to know how you found us. Once you reserve a kitten, I can provide photos upon request for you to see the kittens growth approximately every 2-3 weeks depending on our schedule.

Limited Time Offer / Discounted Shipping

50% of shipping costs, up to $400 off your new purchase of a Mon Cheri kitten. Offer good for kittens reserved between now and October 26, 2022 for customers in the states of Illinois, Texas and California.

How much does shipping and delivery cost for a Mon Cheri kitten?

Shipping for Mon Cheri Exotic Shorthair & Persian kittens costs approximately $200 – $350 for the states of Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, New York and the majority of the states in between on the east coast. To get this low price, you may have to drive to meet the transporter off of a major highway or public pickup point chosen by Pet Nanny. For the states of Illinois, Texas and California the cost may be much higher (between $500 and $1800) These prices are set by the licensed Pet Nannies we work with and can change at any time. We do not mark up these costs. Email us for delivery options and costs.

*Domestic and international shipping/delivery is available with a Pet Nanny. Shipping arrangements and costs are solely the buyer’s responsibility. You are also welcome to pickup in person on our farm near Fort Smith Arkansas. We can meet you at either the Fort Smith Airport (FSM) or Fayetteville Airport (XNA). Pet Nanny is also available and can safely deliver in the USA or internationally. Dallas, Ft Worth, Austin, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois are within a few hours. We frequently and safely ship kittens to Los Angeles, California, Miami, Orlando, Florida and New York, just to name a few. 

#2 Sign our Purchase Agreement

Please download and fill out pdf of Purchase Agreement and email it to

#3 Place a Deposit / Final payment

Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair Kitten
 Did we mention Mon Chéri kittens do laundry?

As mentioned above, to reserve a Mon Chéri kitten, we ask that you place a deposit. Final payment when the kitten is weaned and ready to be delivered or be picked up can be made with the options below. We have been mulling adding new payment options. Let us know if there is a online payment service you would prefer and we will consider it. 

We accept cash, personal check and cashiers checks [Payable to Nancy Christie].* You can also conveniently make payment with your Visa, Master Card, Discover, eChecksPro or Paypal. If you have not used eChecksPro or Paypal in the past, it is fast and secure, simply use your credit card or bank debit card. eChecksPro is our preferred method of payment, because it’s free, if paying via PayPal, there is an additional 2.9% charge to cover the PayPal fees charged to us for using their service.

*Kitten will not be shipped and/or buyer will not take possession of kitten purchased until check has fully cleared.

To use eChecksPro, go to and setup a free, secure account. Please make payment to our email:

To use PayPal please enter the information below to make a payment and/or deposit.

Amount: USD

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Care Resources

Here are a few resources from our blog that you may want to read in the mean time to help you welcome your new little member of the family.

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