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Chocolate Smoke Exotic Longhair Kitten For Sale

Chocolate Smoke Exotic Longhair Kitten For Sale
Chocolate Smoke Exotic Longhair Kitten For Sale (Cajun)
Chocolate Smoke Exotic Longhair Kitten For Sale
Chocolate Smoke Exotic Longhair Kitten For Sale (Cajun)

AVAILABLE! Spice up your life with Mon Chéri Cajun! Cajun is a rare and handsome male chocolate smoke Exotic Longhair kitten for sale. This frisky fella is a sweetheart, loves attention, and is very playful. Just a purrfect ball of chocolate silky fluff! Show potential! He has just weaned!

  • Breed: Exotic Longhair Kitten 
  • Color: Chocolate Smoke 
  • Sex: Male Kitten
  • DOB: 11/07/23
  • Ready: Now

What’s included? Neutered and microchipped at no extra cost. CFA registration, health certificate, health guarantee, up-to-date vaccinations, shot records, and one month of free health insurance. Safe delivery is available via Pet Nanny at an additional charge or local pickup is free. $2800 pet / $300

Shipping Discount! $200 off on shipping to select locations. Email us your city and state for details.

What’s Next?

We want all of our Exotic Shorthair and Exotic Longhair or Persian kittens to be in happy homes. Please drop us a line including the following: name, contact information, how you found us? What you are looking for in a kitten? Also your location, family members and pets in the household, and anything else that helps us know you better. Learn more at How to Buy 

About Our CFA Cattery of Excellence

Hendrickson Family Burlingame, California with Chocolate Exotic Shorthair Kittens
“They have so much personality and bring us so much joy. We can’t imagine life without them!” – Hendrickson Family of Burlingame, California

Mon Chéri Cattery is a CFA Cattery of Excellence. The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) has a program whereby a cattery may obtain certification from the CFA for adhering to a higher standard of care for their cats. See Mon Chéri Cattery on CFA. We have been chocolate Exotic Shorthair kitten breeders and chocolate Exotic Longhair kitten breeders for over 20 years, breeding to CFA* strict standards. Our focus is quality. We want our chocolate Exotic Shorthair and chocolate Exotic Longhair kittens to be healthy, beautiful, well-socialized and smart. And we achieve this with lots of love, time and energy we put into our cattery.

Learn about Mon Chéri Cattery customer experiences from Kathleen Strodtbeck of Tennessee and Sally Deeb of Iowa. View our unedited customer reviews with photos or reviews with videos. See our Mon Chéri Cattery kittens settled in their new forever homes in our gallery of customer submitted fun photos

*CFA or The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. is currently the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats and known as the most prestigious pedigreed cat registering association in North America. See our Mon Chéri Cattery profile on CFA.

About Chocolate Smoke Exotic Longhair Kittens For Sale

Our Mon Chéri chocolate smoke Exotic Longhair kittens for sale and chocolate Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale have been carefully bred from show-quality Russian and German lines. Most of our Kings and Queens are Exotic Shorthairs but a few are Persians and they produce these magnificent, lovable kittens. See gallery of just how beautiful our chocolate Exotics are.

Our chocolate Exotic Shorthair or some may call Exotic Persian Shorthair and chocolate Exotic Longhair or some may refer to as Persian kittens for sale are available in the most desired shades of chocolate (brown), tortoiseshell (tortie), lilac, (may also be called blue, silver or gray) calico, tabby, red, bicolor, solid, cream, colorpoint, and black smoke. Many of our Mon Chéri kittens are making their debuts in the show ring, following the steps of their parents and grandparents! View available Exotic Shorthair kittens or Exotic Longhair kittens for sale

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