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Customer Experience: Kitten Heals Kathleen’s Broken Heart

Kathleen Strodbeck with Mon Chéri Cattery Fanny
Kathleen Strodtbeck with her Mon Chéri Cattery Tortoiseshell Exotic Shorthair kitten. See the videos they submitted below.

“Two months ago I decided to surprise my wife with a new kitten after we tragically lost one of our two Exotic Shorthair female cats (age 13) earlier this summer in a sudden and totally unexpected mishap.   

I initially chose the Mon Chéri Cattery for two reasons, first because of its relative proximity in Arkansas to our home near Memphis, but, more important, because it was deemed a “Cattery of Excellence” by the Cat Fanciers Association, and now that our new Tortie kitten has been home with us for more than two weeks, it’s easy to understand why.

From start to finish the entire adoption process was a genuine delight.   Owner Nancy Christie and her husband, Ted, are both very gracious, down-to-earth folks, and the energy and expertise they use to maintain their remarkably picturesque farm near the Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas is reflected in their cattery as well. As we expected with any Exotic, our kitten is very affectionate and extraordinarily personable, so much so that my wife has nicknamed her “Miss Pizzazz” and often describes her as a “genuine snuggle baby”. No lap remains empty for long in our home if our kitten is nearby, though I’ve come to suspect that there something much more dynamic in her DNA, as she is incredibly intelligent and as stealthily agile as a panther whenever she frolics around the house. Moreover, her light chocolate tortoiseshell coloring is like nothing we’ve ever seen — it is truly rare and unique.

When we asked Nancy how she manages to breed and raise such beautiful, healthy kittens, she replied:  “I want pretty and sweet and smart and healthy. It’s not easy to get all those qualities.”  While this may be true, after viewing the galleries of Kitten and Newborn photographs on the Mon Chéri website, we’d say Nancy is very successful at what she does.

For anyone who might raise an eyebrow at the price one might pay for a kitten from the Mon Chéri Cattery, we simply say, consider the pet you will be getting and what it took to place that kitten into your hands. As billionaire investor Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha, once famously remarked: “Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get.”   Believe us, if you become fortunate enough to adopt a kitten from this cattery, you will not be disappointed.”

– Doug & Kathleen Strodtbeck, Collierville, Tennessee

Doug & Kathleen's Submitted Photos

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Doug & Kathleen's Submitted Videos

See Kathleen’s reaction when she learns her husband has given her a new Mon Chéri Cattery tortoiseshell Exotic Shorthair kitten.

Bird Flick 🎥 🦆😺 Gets Two Paws Up From Strodtbeck’s new Mon Chéri Cattery tortoiseshell Exotic Shorthair kitten. She also enjoys watching on chipmunk flick on our YouTube channel. (The page won’t load if I include all the videos here, sorry.)

Additional Videos Submitted

See Kathleen’s kitten trying to pounce the chipmunks outside, if only she could break through the window. View Video on our YouTube Channel

Learn how Kathleen has trained her kittens to be well mannered and take turns eating. View Video on our YouTube Channel 

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