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7 Furry Facts About the Exotic Shorthair Kitten

Chocolate Tortoiseshell Exotic Shorthair Kitten For Sale

Love the Persian’s sweet, docile personality, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of keeping its coat tangle-free? Consider owning an Exotic Shorthair, kitten. The Exotic Shorthair kitten breed is nearly identical to the Persian, save one big difference—it has short fur. Here are seven facts about the friendly, flat-faced kitty. 1. The Exotic … Read more

About Calico Exotic Shorthair & Exotic Longhair Kittens

Exotic Shorthair Calico Kitten For Sale

Is a calico Exotic Shorthair or Exotic Longhair kitten the right choice for you? Learn about personality and physical characteristics of this beautiful breed. The photos below are of calico kittens sold and for reference only. If interested in availability, see our pet & show quality kittens for sale . What Is A Calico Exotic Shorthair or … Read more

About Red Exotic Shorthair & Exotic Longhair Kittens

Male Solid Red Exotic Shorthair Kitten

Did you always love the comic Garfield and dreaming of buying your very own red Exotic Shorthair kitten or red Exotic Longhair kitten? Yes the beloved character Garfield was inspired from a red Persian tabby. Here are some FAQs regarding color variations, personality characteristics to help you decide if a red Exotic Shorthair or Exotic Longhair kitten … Read more

About Chocolate Exotic Shorthair & Persian Kittens

Solid Chocolate Exotic Shorthair Kitten

What is better than a box of chocolates? A luxurious chocolate Exotic Shorthair or Exotic Longhair kitten of course! Here are some FAQs regarding color variations, personality characteristics to help you decide if a chocolate Exotic Shorthair kitten or Exotic Longhair kitten would be the kitten of your dreams. The kittens on this page are sold … Read more

Exotic Shorthair Kitten & Exotic Longhair Kitten Care

Coco Female Chocolate Bicolor Exotic Shorthair Kitten

Congratulations on the recent addition to your household! Now that you have a young beautiful Exotic Shorthair kitten or Persian kitten (Exotic Longhair kitten) to care for there are several things you will need to consider. Nutrition Exotic Shorthair kittens and Exotic Longhair kittens should be fed a combination of both high-quality commercial kitten food … Read more

50 Name Ideas For Your Exotic Shorthair Kitten

Red Tabby Bicolor Exotic Shorthair Kitten

Ahh decisions, decisions… deciding on names for your new Exotic Shorthair or Persian kitten often isn’t easy. Personal preferences usually play a role when choosing kitten names. Choosing a kitten name needs a bit less practical thought than choosing a name for a dog or a puppy though, as you are hardly likely to be … Read more

6 Exotic Shorthair Kitten Fun Facts

Chocolate Smoke Bicolor Exotic Shorthair Kitten

No doubt, there is much to learn when it comes to the adorable Exotic Shorthair kitten. Check out these six fun facts! On occasion, Exotic Shorthair kittens are born with long hair. When this occurs, the kittens may be referred to as Persian kitten or an Exotic Longhair kitten. Exotic Shorthair kittens are not jumpers … Read more

What Is The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA)?

Red Bicolor Van Exotic Shorthair

The Cat Fancier’s Association is a non-profit organization that boasts the largest registry of pedigree cats in the world. Feline circles often refer to the organization as simply the CFA. We register all of our Exotic Shorthair kittens and Exotic Longhair kittens with the CFA. Here’s everything you should know about the Cat Fancier’s Association … Read more

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